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The Look of Earth in the New Ice Age

The Ice Age of 2109 was the Next Ice Age that started during the Early-22nd Century.

How it came to be

After some sudden disasters that came in the previous year and 2 weeks prior to the storm that created the ice age, scientists feared that because they were similar to what happened in the 2004 movie 'The Day After Tomorrow", They feared the next step would be a super-storm triggered ice age, By December 2108, everyone kept watch of the arctic- South and north. On January 15th, 2109, Scientists and meteorologists fears were about to come true as in the north arctic, storms started gathering together around the north pole, everyone knew what was to come. On January 24th, evacuations began and people were moved down south and away from the coming cold.

The Event

On January 26th, the storms started moving southward, and like in 'The Day After Tomorrow', became Superstorms with Hurricane Eyes. Only there were 6 storms in this Event, not 3. There were 4 in the northern hemisphere and 2 in the south. After the storms were gone, just about every mile of landmass (Including deathvalley, California and all other usually hot places) were covered in ice and snow.

This ice age lasted till 4500.