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Winter storm Boris (more commonly

known as the 2024 Halloween Blizzard) was a Category 4 winter storm that effected The Pacific Northwest, Midwest and Great plains in the US as well as portions of Southwestern Canada during late October and Early November of 2024. This Storm went down as the worst October Winter Storm in recorded history

Storm Impacts

October 29th

The Storm had First formed in the Pacific ocean as a Cold front during the Pre Dawn hours of October 27th. As Moisture and Arctic air continued to flow into the system it began moving East developing into a Winter Storm during the afternoon of October 28th. The Storm continued to strengthen and grow in size as it approached the coast of Washington and Oregon. Winter Storm Warnings were issued for the entire State of Washington as well as parts of Oregon and British Columbia during the evening on October 28th. Wind speeds of 60 MPH and Heavy Snowfall were reported with this storm around 8 PM PST causing a Blizzard Watch to be put into effect for Most of Washington and Oregon. The Storm made landfall during the Pre Dawn hours on October 29th dumping high winds and heavy snow over Western Washington and Northwestern Oregon. Parts of Southern British Columbia would also experience heavy Snowfall with whiteout conditions bieng reported in the Seattle and Vancouver areas during the early morning hours. A Blizzard Warning was issued for the entire state of Washington as well as Northern Oregon and Southern British Columbia. 65 MPH Wind Gust were reported near the North Cascades National Park at 8:45 AM. Up to 17 Inches of Snow and 50 MPH Winds were reported in the Seattle and Tacoma areas at 8:58 AM Causing Widespread Power Outages in the area. The first casualties of this storm occurred when multiple vehicles crashes along the I-90 corridor in Eastern Seattle. 4 fatalities and 17 injuries occurred in this wreck. The Governors of Washington and Oregon declared a State of emergency at 9:30 AM. Both Governors also began enforcing travel restrictions for the effected areas urging residents to stay off the roads as icy roadways and Whiteout conditions were present particularly in Northwestern Washington. Wind Chill Advisories were in effect by 10 AM for most of Washington and Oregon as temperatures plunged below 0. -17° F temperatures were reported in and around the Portland area along with Whiteout conditions. At 10:45 AM PST the Mayor of Portland issued a statement urging residents to stay off the roads and remain indoors. Over the next hour widespread power outages were reported across Portland and the Surrounding areas with complete Blackouts occurring in McMinnville and Forest Grove. The Center of the Storm moved over central Washington during the early afternoon contuing to batter Washington and Parts of Oregon with high winds and heavy snow. As the Storm continued East a Winter Storm watch was issued for Northern and Central Idaho as well as Western Montana at 3:45 PM. These Watches were later upgraded to Blizzard Warnings at 7:30 PM as the center of the continuously strengthening storm was located near Spokane, Washington. 75 MPH wind gust and Whiteout conditions were reported in Spokane during the Following Minutes. A mandatory curfew was issued for Spokane and the Surrounding area at 8:05 PM. Residents were to remain indoors and off of the roadways between 8 PM and 8 AM until further notice.


October 30th

October 31st

November 1st

November 2nd